CEPT Archives is one of the first initiatives in the country set up to archive information related to architecture, planning, design, and allied disciplines in India broad based under the subjects of built environment, design and culture. The work archived here, is open to students, scholars, professionals, curators and other users for reference and research.
  • Safeguarded and spacious storage systems
  • IPR and Copyright protecting measures
  • Meticulous recordkeeping
  • Digitization of material
  • Easy-to-access search systems
  • International relations with architectural archives
Dissemination policies for fair usage of the archival material The immediate focus of this center is to gather the significant works from the city of Ahmedabad and other places in Gujarat, before they get lost in time.
CEPT Archives has also started archiving works of professionals from Mumbai, Delhi and Goa. The Organization aims:
  1. To strengthen the ethos of archiving in the country and showcase interdisciplinary implications of archival research.
  2. To situate the history of Indian built environment, design and culture with special focus from 19th century onward till today in an academic discourse.
  3. To create a gateway for all to access Indian archives related to Indian architectural studies, located anywhere across India and Abroad.  
  4. To find more about the known, unknown and forgotten facts of Indian architectural archives and curate them based on regional expressions as well as global context.
  5. To expand the infrastructural facilities of CEPT Archives by introducing additional segregated storage, conservation labs, library, museum, permanent exhibition, better environmental controls etc.
CEPT Archives has taken various research initiatives and undertaken tours to various architectural archives in India, European countries and The United Kingdom. The purpose of this research tour was to understand the intricacies of documentation, operations and record management in various architectural archives. Further CEPT Archives looks forward to working with national and international organisations and broaden the horizons of History of Indian Architecture.