Frequently Asked Questions

A. No. Anyone can access and request material from CEPT Archives. However, you will need to state the purpose of your accession request and name the institution/organization you are affiliated with.

A. If you wish to acquire higher resolution versions of the images seen on the website, please send us an accession request via email to clearly naming the material requested along with the accession purpose i.e., how you wish to use the said images.

For academic and research purposes: we will share a User Accession Form that you will be required to fill and sign. Once we receive the signed form, medium resolution images with credit lines will be shared with you.

For commercial/editorial purposes: CEPT Archives charges a fee against the licence to reproduce archival material for commercial use. The process of licencing is as follows:

  • User finalises images to licence.
  • User shares details of finalised images with CEPT Archives.
  • CEPT Archives shares the invoice intimating the user of the total amount due along with the User Agreement.
  • User makes the payment and sends back the filled and signed user agreement.
  • CEPT Archives shares the high-resolution files along with a stamped copy of the agreement.
A. Please make sure you credit both the author and CEPT Archives whenever you use material acquired from us. For e.g. if you use a drawing of Bakhle Bungalow from the Hema Sankalia Collection the credit line should read; Credit: Hema Sankalia and CEPT Archives.
A. If you wish to access the physical archives, write to outlining your request as specifically as possible. If we have what you are looking for, we will schedule an appointment at a mutually suitable time.

P.S. Considering the Pandemic situation, we discourage physical visits to the Archives unless absolutely necessary.
A. If and when a Student Assistant vacancy opens up at the archives, all current CEPT students will receive intimation of the same via the SSO along with instructions on how to apply for the position/s.

P.S. Student Assistantships are open only to current CEPT Students.
A. The User Accession Form outlines the terms and conditions under which the material acquired from the Archives may be used. It is important for us to know that you have read and understood the same. Any material acquired from CEPT Archives must be used in compliance with the Copyright Act, 1957.

It also helps us keep a record of all the material disseminated.
A. Yes. Only a portion of our collection is uploaded and available on the website. If you are unable to locate something on the website, please write to us at and we will locate the material you are looking for, if it is a part of our collection.
A. We try our best to respond to requests within 2 working days. However, in light of the pandemic we are all working remotely with limited access to the collections. We thank you for your patience in the cases where it takes us longer to get back to you.
A. You do not have to pay any accession fees for material acquired for academic and research purposes. The images shared in such cases will be of medium resolution with an accompanying credit line.

However, CEPT Archives charges a fee against the License to Reproduce archival material for commercial use. The schedule of charges will be made available on request.