Junior Archivist CEPT Archives, CEPT University

CEPT University, established in 1962, is focused on understanding, designing, planning, construction and managing human habitat. Its teaching programs are designed to build thoughtful professionals and its research programs aim to deepen the understanding of human habitat. CEPT University also undertakes advisory projects to further the goal of making habitats more liveable. Faculties at the University function as a collaborative of full-time faculty members and highly engaged practitioners who share teaching and institutional responsibilities.

CEPT Archives is one of the first initiatives in the country, set up to archive information related to architecture, planning, design, and allied disciplines in India; broad-based under the subjects of built environment, design, and culture. The work archived here, is open to students, scholars, professionals, curators and other users for reference and research. Dedicated to collecting, recording, and disseminating information, the center actively engages in different archival activities.

CEPT University invites applications for the position of Assistant Archivist/ Junior Archivist, CEPT Archives. We are looking for professionals, who can lead the various archival projects and see them till the end in the form of various outcomes and possess excellent organizational skills, research, writing and management skills with a systematic approach and with an understanding of various operative processes at the University level.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop a comprehensive Record Retention Schedule for material produced at the University.
  • Determine and collate important past documents and records produced at the University.
  • Set up identification protocol for past documents that need to be retained and make sure that documents are legible & readily identified.
  • Set up an approval framework to identify important past documents and access framework for keeping documents safe from unwarranted access.
  • Provide assistance in team projects and other duties as and when required.
  • Organizing and arranging archival material as per the order followed by CEPT Archives for physical and digital preservation as and when required.

  • Compilation of listings of materials in collections as and when required.
  • Undertaking record management, and other archival procedures.
  • Undertaking Scanning and digitization tasks independently or in coordination with the assistants.
  • Continuously managing and acquiring material from the University to develop the Collection

  • Ensuring confidentiality and integrity while handling sensitive and confidential information

  • Conceptualize, create, and curate potential exhibitions, publications, media activities, and other outreach

  • Proposal writing, researching, and developing presentations/publications.
  • Coordination of exhibitions, publications, media activities, and other outreach.
  • Management of the archive’s digital portal, Facebook, and website.
  • Facilitating all user access-related requests.

Academic Qualification

  • Bachelor of Architecture/ Design/ Art/ History or other equivalent qualification in the field of design
  • Master’s degree of Architectural History and Research is preferred or Master’s in other allied fields such as Design/ Art with 1-2 years of experience in the related fields and other research work, will be an added advantage.

Expertise Required

  • Thorough knowledge of Adobe (InDesign, Photoshop), Microsoft Office, Excel, and AutoCAD
  • Willingness to learn and master the required software and skills.
  • Excellent command over English Language, verbal, and written communication.
  • Research and fieldwork skills
  • A keen sense of organization and good leadership qualities
  • Multitasking and systematic approach
  • Should be at ease with working as a team
  • Knowledge of Gujarati or Hindi language
  • Good photography skills will be an advantage
  • Basic knowledge of working in collaboration over G-Suite preferable. 

How to apply

Last date is 15-Mar-2022. The salary and benefits will match with the best practices.

Priority consideration will be given to applications received by 15-Mar-2022, although the review process will continue until the position is filled.

Note: Interested Internal candidates may also submit their applications through their Dean/HODs.