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17Jun 16

Modernist Contemporaries at CEPT Archives: C. Correa & A. Talati

CEPT Archives

6/17/2016 2:46:00 PM

Some of India’s oldest and significant architects’ works, namely Charles Correa, Mumbai and Arvind Talati, Ahmedabad, will now be available for reference and research at the CEPT Archives, Ahmedabad, India from this month onwards. While architect Charles Correa’s physical archives are being preserved by Royal Institute of British Architects- RIBA, London; their digital archives have been uploaded on a web-based portal. Architect Arvind Talati is one of the oldest post-independence architects of the country, settled in Ahmedabad since late 50s. Contemporaries from the Modernist period in India, both these architects have worked together on varied occasions. It is thereby a matter of privilege for the CEPT Archives to host their collections.

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