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11Mar 22

Launch of 'One is to One - Stories, Practice, and Collaboration' Catalogue

3/11/2022 12:00:00 AM

The Catalogue was launched alongside the inauguration of the exhibition ‘One is to One: Stories, Practice, and Collaboration of Kamal Mangaldas and Devendra Shah’ organized by CEPT Archives, on 11th March 2022 at the Lilavati Lalbhai Library, CEPT University, Ahmedabad. It is an addendum to the exhibition and portrays the life, works, and ideology of the partners, through the many nuances that would have gone untold to a larger audience otherwise. The Catalogue along with the exhibition attempts to bring forth the varied aspects of the practice such as the diversity in the typology of building projects undertaken, the depth in the thought processes, the commitment to strive and contribute to shaping a better-built environment, the meticulousness in preparing the drawings, and the richness and simplicity in detailing. It tells the reader a story of a unique collaboration between a structural engineer and an architect. For any further details, write to us at ceptarchives@cept.ac.in