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01Aug 15

Exhibition 001: Documentation Tradition at CEPT

CEPT Archives

8/1/2015 6:30:00 PM

Related Study Program (RSP), at CEPT University is not only a unique contribution to the students’ pedagogical journey but also to the society in terms of the recorded data. As part of this program, students of CEPT University, under the guidance of faculty members, document and study various traditional and vernacular built environments of India where indigenous building traditions are alive and people make their own spaces. First-hand experience during this program enhances and sensitizes student’s understanding and their abilities to appreciate and decode the built forms in terms of its “making” and socio-cultural aspects. Initiated as a ‘measure drawing’ exercise, right from early 60s, it has by now contributed up to almost 6000 drawings of India’s diverse built environments, providing important insights in fields of Architecture, Planning and Design. The exhibition has been curated by Prof. Kireet Patel, Asst. Prof. Jay Thakkar and Asst. Prof. Sachin Soni.

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