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11Jul 17

Acquisition of Ar. Jaimini Mehta Collection

Vedarth, Studio Jaimini Mehta, Baroda

7/11/2017 2:00:00 AM

Earlier in July, 2017, Archives' acquired and got physical material from Ar. Jaimini Mehta. Jaimini Mehta. Archives recently got valuable additions to Architect Jaimini Mehta’s Collection. Following his traveling exhibition which was held in Ahmedabad at CEPT Archives in collaboration with FAAA in Feb, 2016, and the exhibition material was donated to the Archives, Ar. Jaimini had decided to archive his works with the CEPT Archives for future generations to refer. The material received from him as a donation to Archives includes drawing rolls of about 50 projects, approx.. 4308 slides, 550 circular slides, 7 boxes of negatives, traditional drawing tools & instruments that has scales, set scales, French curve, erasing shield, drafting instrument, erasing tool & many others. Jaimini Mehta is an architect and an independent academic based in Baroda, India. He studied architecture at M.S. University of Baroda and at University of Pennsylvania in the Louis Kahn Studio, and went on to work