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18Jun 21

Acquisition Kiran Pandya’s ‘Buildings at Peace’ - An exploration of concerns and responses

6/18/2021 12:00:00 AM

On 18th June 2021, Kiran Pandya generously donated his architectural works to CEPT Archives. Kartikeya Shodhan, head of CEPT archives finalized the acquisition process at his residence in Ahmedabad. After training with the likes of Charles Correa and Anant Raje, and working internationally in Nigeria and Kenya, in 1984 he set up his own practice in Ahmedabad. His work includes private residences, educational institutions, and industrial complexes. Since 1985 he was also associated with the School of Architecture (CEPT) Ahmedabad as Visiting Faculty for over 20 years. CEPT Archives is delighted to archive the work of Kiran Pandya. The collection, which includes drawings, sketches, photographs, and models, offers insights into his wide ranging practice and the way it has shaped Ahmedabad and other parts of the country in the recent past.